GPS Tracking Collar
GPS Tracking Collar
GPS Tracking Collar

GPS Tracking Collar

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Real time positioning: real-time dog location review on APP map, device location frequency, the default location upload time is every 10 minutes.
Voice call: you can call your dog through the APP.
Safety fence: set pet travel range on mobile phone APP. Once pets come out of the setting area, it will alert the owner.
Footprint tracking: you can find out where the dog has been in the past three months.
Low power alarm: mobile APP will display the percentage of real time charge and remind you too charge it up.
Deep waterproof: IP67 level waterproof, rain proof.
Wear resistant collar: the collar is tough, tensile and anti pulling.
Multi device management: the same APP can add more than one device.
Free platform: permanent free use of the platform
Simple operation: professional APP support, very simple operation.
Compatibility: for Android, for iOS
Estimated delivery: 5-15 days.